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4 x Axiom 99.9+% CARBON 60 in Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 400ml Total

4 x 100 ml of fully saturated, solvent-free, research grade Carbon 60 Olive Oil (0.8 mg / ml).

Manufactured in the USA by Carbon 60 Olive Oil

They are the only company known to strictly follow the original Baati / Paris method of Carbon 60 olive oil preparation.

As described here….

We start with 99.9+ % purified, research grade, solvent-free Carbon 60.

We use 5 whole grams of our Carbon 60 per liter of olive oil. This is more than 6 times the amount of Carbon 60 that can possibly saturate the solution. This is very important, as not all of the Carbon 60 being mixed with olive oil will dissolve in a two week mixing time.

Many competitors cut corners by using an industrial grade Carbon 60 (containing dangerous solvents), and/or simply putting in 0.8 or 0.9 grams of Carbon 60 per liter of olive oil, which always results in an inferior product. Experiments have shown that you cannot achieve a fully saturated 0.8 grams per liter (0.8 mg per ml) solution if you do not start with the entire 5 grams per liter mix ratio described in the Baati process. Some companies are even boiling their olive oil to try to dissolve the carbon faster. This destroys the polyphenols in the olive oil, and results in a damaged, black oil.

After extensively researching olive oil quality we found that small batch extra virgin olive oil is notoriously inconsistent in quality. It is our determination that the best, most consistent quality olive oil available is Kirkland brand Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which is what we have been using for several years.

We mix our 5 grams of Carbon 60 per liter of olive oil for 2 whole weeks using specialized equipment that ensures full suspension of Carbon 60 particles during the entire mixing operation. The mixing occurs in complete darkness to avoid Carbon 60 degradation from light.

Our fully saturated Carbon 60 solution is then centrifuged at 5,000 g for one hour to remove the undissolved Carbon 60 .

This clarified, fully saturated Carbon 60 solution is then sterile filtered through a 0.22 micron filter.

We then bottle our solution in amber glass bottles, and package for delivery to you. Our packaging is designed to be extremely robust to prevent breakage, and conforms to international standards for shipping liquids in glass containers. We have not experienced a single broken bottle delivery since adopting our current shipping system in 2013.

We are the only company proven to consistently provide a fully saturated, 0.8 mg per ml Carbon 60 olive oil solution. Don’t settle for the slightly less expensive, vastly inferior products available from our competitors. Insist on fully saturated Carbon 60 olive oil solution from the only company that has been doing it right from the beginning!


Proper dosing of c60 has not been scientifically evaluated, however, we have received enough feedback from customers over the last several years to feel confident in proposing some general dosing recommendations.

For people wishing to experiment with the long term benefits of c60, we recommend taking one teaspoon per day, every day, anytime of day, with or without food. There are about 20 teaspoons in our 100 ml bottle.

Some of our customers who are performance athletes prefer taking an entire 100 ml bottle all at once, one bottle per month. This method can provide a noticeable boost in performance for some people.

For topical application, we recommend rubbing a few drops per day into the area that you are focusing on. Our 30 ml bottle is often an appropriate choice for this type of c60 experimentation.

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