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Sorry but I Must Kill You

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A weekend trip to Lookout Mountain seems the perfect place for proposing her with a $22,000 diamond ring. Unfortunately, something goes terribly wrong. And there's a witness.

Olga, a law student living with her parents, meets Gail at a photo shoot of her younger sister Nadia, who's dreaming on becoming a super model. Gail is a make up artist; she lives with her boyfriend Guy, who works for an iron gate company. After a welding accident, Guy is rushed to the hospital; luckily he recovers, but he loses both eyes. Gail falls in love with Olga and she's no longer interested in Guy. During a trip to the mountains, Guy is brutally murdered. Nadia is lodging with friends in a cabin nearby and witnesses the murder. Gail becomes aware of the inconvenient witness and asks Olga to get rid of her sister.


This edition includes chapter by chapter critical commentaries to enhance your enjoyment from reading Sorry But I Must Kill You. At 5,000 words it's quite extensive, yet essential. It can also be purchased separately and it's available in all digital formats.

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