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The Ducati Girl

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Jenny rides a yellow Ducati. She meets a motorcycle pal with whom she sails to San Miguel in the Channel Islands. Before the arrival the man disappears.

Jenny doesn't carry bags of groceries; she wears an expensive leather jacket, shiny motorcycle boots, and rides a yellow Ducati, a Panigale Tricolore. She enjoys her financial freedom; when she's not riding, she's swimming in her 25-meter heated pool. During a high speed chase on Angel Crest Highway, she meets a super bike buddy, the man with the Augusta. She invites him to her Tuscan-style villa where they swim and argue like they've been knowing each other forever, but she wonders why nothing else really happens. A yacht escape to the Channel Islands with her best friend and the new buddy sounds like the perfect week-end plan; well, not really. The boat gets impounded, the enigmatic man has disappeared, and what's left of him is just his super bike. Who was he, and what happened to him?

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