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3D Scan Man Doctor 023

Check details here:  https://sketchfab.com/models/2c553f2db812458a9da081161ad8ddad

After payment we will send you download link, contact us for sales: office@miss3.cz

3d scanned people created for architectural visualizations.

Use this model for range from 5 to 50 meters from camera position.

Materials are V-Ray 3.3 ready. Only diffuse texture used.

Scene is in cm. Model has real world scale.

Exchange formats:

3DScan_Man_023_max.zip - includes 3ds Max and jpg file. 3DScan_Man_023_fbx.zip - includes fbx and jpg file 3DScan_Man_023_obj.zip - includes obj, mtl and jpg file.


3DScan_Man_023.jpg - 4095x4095 resolution 3DScan_Man_023_green.jpg - 4095x4095 resolution 3DScan_Man_023_white.jpg - 4095x4095 resolution 3DScan_Man_023_fonendo.jpg - 2048x2048 resolution 3DScan_Man_023_id.jpg - 904x903 resolution 3DScan_Man_023_logo.jpg - 2048x2048 resolution

We are 3D visualization studio, and we have created this 3D model for our personal use. That is why we use only diffuse texture and this polygon count, because we know that this is best for our production.

We dont need more polygons or any complicated material setups.

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