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3D Scan Woman Winter 001

Check details here:  https://sketchfab.com/models/d511899d34f244979765fd73b3f6e9ff

After payment we will send you download link, contact us for sales: office@miss3.cz

3d scanned people created for architectural visualizations.

Use this model for range from 5 to 50 meters from camera position.

Materials are V-Ray 3.3 ready. Only diffuse texture used.

Scene is in cm. Model has real world scale.

Exchange formats:

3DScan_Woman_001_max.zip - includes 3ds Max and jpg file. 3DScan_Woman_001_fbx.zip - includes fbx and jpg file 3DScan_Woman_001_obj.zip - includes obj, mtl and jpg file.


This 3D model is in 8 versions:

3DScan_Woman_001_beige.jpg - 4095x4095 resolution 3DScan_Woman_001_black.jpg - 4095x4095 resolution 3DScan_Woman_001_blue.jpg - 4095x4095 resolution 3DScan_Woman_001_patern_01.jpg - 4095x4095 resolution 3DScan_Woman_001_patern_02.jpg - 4095x4095 resolution 3DScan_Woman_001_patern_03.jpg - 4095x4095 resolution 3DScan_Woman_001_patern_04.jpg - 4095x4095 resolution 3DScan_Woman_001_patern_05.jpg - 4095x4095 resolution

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