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Unfathomable Vices - novel #1 in the Vices Series - Suspense

Unfathomable Vices

First novel in the Vices series

Ebook, PDF format, 8"x5", 270 pages, English, Published in 2018, 1st edition

Book one follows the trial and tribulations of the St. James clan, which has been thriving for four generations on a farm on the East Coast of North America.  The story centers around the rebellious teenage son of the family, as he learns to assume his role as future patriarch. As they attempt to cope with his growing dark nature, they must also struggle to keep their old secrets buried.

Engage yourself in the suspense surrounding their lives in this coming of age tale that takes place in the beautiful setting of their rural environment.

This book is for mature readers only, although it may make you cry like a child (or giggle like a school girl).

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