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3 pack of Opendime 3.0 Bitcoin hardware wallet / piggy bank / physical bitcoin / Bitcoin bearer bond

Opendime 3.0 Bitcoin hardware wallet / piggy bank / physical bitcoin / bearer bond.

These wonderful little devices are essentially single use bitcoin hardware wallets (hence the piggy bank analogy - you can put as much money you want in, but if you want to get it out you have to "break" it). 

The private and public keys are generated securely on the device, and the private key remains secret to everyone, inclulding the holder, until a pin is pushed through the white circle on the device, physically altering it and making it very obvious that the device has been tampered with. A red LED will also light up if plugged into a USB port, indicating that the private key is likely compromised. 

These features make this device ideal for long term HODLing, transacting in bitcoin even if you have no internet or transacting privately and with no fees as many times as you want   (by simply giving the opendime with bitcoin stored on it to someone else). 

It's also a lovely way to gift bitcoin to anyone, including noobs, so that they can be HODLers too, even if they have no idea how to use bitcoin. I guess some people who are new to the space prefer something physical to hodl on to :)

Brand new. Shipped from the EU

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