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Piracetam solution 10 bufuses/pack, 200 mg per ml, 5 ml bufus (pack of 3)

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A dream of a shooter/plugger came true. Liquid piracetam filled in unbreakable, sterile plastic bufuses is an excellent mixing solution for drugs of your choice.

- Can be injected intravenously/intramuscularly or plugged by itself for strong nootropic effects.

-  Piracetam works synergistically when used as a mixing solution for amphetamines/methamphetamine or opioids

- Can be used with great success for stimulant, alcohol and late-stage opioid withdrawals.

Piracetam improves activated blood flow and facilitates rehabilitation of post-stroke patients. The drug helps to improve cognition, memory, and concentration. It also is used to enhance human memorial power.

Our Piracetam solution is manufactured by a Russian state-licensed pharmaceutical company — PFK Obnovlenie.

Feel free to contact us at t.me/euro_meds

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