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Battery Isolator - Noco IGD200HP 6-48VDC 200A 12V 24V

The NOCO IGD200HP 200 Amp High-Performance Battery Isolator is a solid-state electrical device that eliminates multiple battery drain, prolongs battery life and more reliable than mechanical or solenoid systems. It's ideal for recreational vehicles, boats, cars, utility vehicles, trucks and other battery applications, and it's suitable for use with Wet, Gel, MF and AGM batteries. All needed hardware is included.

Battery Isolator Features
  • Solid-State Technology --Isolates each battery bank and allows each battery to be charged and discharged
  • Eliminates Multiple Battery Drain --Stops battery banks from robbing power from each other
  • Durable --More reliable than mechanical or solenoid systems
  • Multiple Battery Chemistries --Suitable for Wet, Gel, MF and AGM batteries
  • Full Current Potential --Full current from either output
  • Universal Design --Works with most alternators, including Delcotron Series

Why Use a Battery Isolator?

Many vehicles have multiple batteries: one dedicated for starting the engine and the other to power accessories. Without a Battery Isolator, a battery with a lower charge will draw power from a battery with a higher charge, until the batteries equalize. This problem is known as multiple battery drain and could leave you with dead batteries.

A Battery Isolator will prevent current from flowing from one battery to the other and each battery will act as an independent power source. This will ensure that the battery you dedicated for starting never gets drained.

A Battery Isolator will also allow you to simultaneously charge both independent power sources at the same time. The amount of current which flows into each battery is then determined by the battery’s own state of charge (based on voltage regulator settings).

Sells for $85 on Amazon.  Purchased for a project a couple years ago but never used. New in box!

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