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S-600-24 Power Supply End Cap w/ 12V and 24V Outputs

Simple end cap for my power supply. 24V main, with 3 12V ports conditioned by a buck step down. Note: this listing if for the 3D printed end cap only, none of the internal components or power supply are included.

Printer to order.

This can be printed in ABS or PLA.

If printed in ABS ths can be vapor smoothed for an additional fee. 

I will gladly print this in any color I have on hand. This can be printed in a specified color if desired for an additional fee, please contact me to discuss color options if wanting to specify.

Additional components for this build can be found in my store / and or via my Thingiverse post (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2550955)

Store Vandelay Industries
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