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Bitcoin Hardware Wallet Chip

-A handy way to share/store/gift your bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

-Offline/cold storage Hardware Wallet.

-Easy to store sweep and configure your wallet using the BitNFC app or store keys via the NFC Tools app.  

-Faraday bag included ensuring your chip can only be read when you want it to.

-Can be encrypted via our guide 

There are many many wallet configuration options for more details see our set up guide, Chips can also be used to store 2FA keys for exchanges and recovery keys for other hardware wallets and devices.

Compatible with all NFC smartphones/USB Readers

Frequency: 13.56 MHz

Reading time: 1 - 2 ms

Storage capacity: 144 bytes

Reading distance: 0 - 5mm

NFC chip size: diameter 55mm 

NFC chip material: PET + etching antenna/Distressed Bronze

Package includes:

1 GoChipMe Bitcoin Wallet Chip Distressed Bronze 

1 Faraday bag

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