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A Portrait of Satoshi Nakamoto

The digital painting entitled ' A Portrait of Satoshi Nakamoto ' (2018), Black background with Bitcoin Logos in RGB color pallete. Edition 1/10. The piece comes with a certicate of authentication  issued by Ascribe with a unique   CRYPTOGRAPHIC STAMP . The digital data file on OpenBazzr is only 94 KB while the extension  on Ascribe is : tiff and file size : 416215114 bytes. It was originally created for trading as 'Blockchain Art' and can, therefore, be retained or  traded  indefinately   by private collectors, galleries or museums anywhere around the world. 

Artwork ID: 17mKbE8CuE8fnmpGbZD3t37m1QZoxiPzR7

Original Dimensions: 80CM x 80CM. Collectors wishing to display the work as a physical object should contact the artist ( Gregory Stennatt)  or owner for consultation on best results and possibly increased data file. 

Tags aportraitofsatoshinakamoto
Categories Limited Edition Digital Art
Price 64000 JPY
Condition New
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