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fileeeBox - Smart box for your documents

Never file again - the innovative box for your documents

fileee is a platform for managing your documents . It is free to use and available for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. You can scan your documents and our KI-based System not only recognices the text but understands what the document is about. It tries to save you time and to organize most informations automatically.

However, digitalization is all well and good, but what happens with the originals? Our solution: Each scanned document goes in the box, and a color scale shows the document's exact position in the box. No more bothersome filing and long searches for documents. No more file cabinet! That is the fileeeBox. Our Hardware solution for your documents.

This Set does not only include the box, but also the scanner stand. Link your smartphone to the stand and scan more quickly than ever before.

More Informations and videos are available on https://box.fileee.com https://box.fileee.com

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