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Coupon Ads - Sunday Bazaar Shopper

Coupon Ad in mazaclub's weekly 
Sunday Bazaar Shopper

We're working to get more people into the Bazaar, and into your stores (and ours!)! 

Every week, we'll put out our Sunday Shopper here, and on  https://yours.org Yours.org  and advertise it on Twitter and Reddit, and Memo. We just started today, so we don't know exactly what it'll look like in the future. The early versions will simply be posted as listings here on OB, and as articles on Yours, but as OB grows, and adds features, so will we. 

We'll start out by looking through some of the shops on OB, and talking about some of the great finds to be had in the Bazaar. We expect to add interviews, shopping tips and more if folks like the Shopper.

The first service we're going to offer in the Sunday Shopper is coupon advertising like you used to get in your monster Sunday newspaper so long ago. Since OB already supports the coupon, we're ready to go. 

Make a coupon code, and put it on one or more listings in your store. Then come here, and purchase a coupon ad, and let us know the coupon offer in the memo on checkout. Then, in next week's Sunday Shopper we'll post your ad for everyone to see. If you make a coupon just for your Shopper ad, and report your coupon sales back to us, we'll run your coupon for another week free. 

Give us about a tweet's worth of information about your coupon offer, which listing it applies to, and optionally a URL for an inline pic of one of your items (or your store logo, etc) 

We're just getting started, too, so bear with us as we get this all together! Ads are cheap now, only 1 millibit BCH. 

Use our special coupon FREETHEMARKET to get a free coupon ad next week!

LOL AURGH! We can't offer a coupon that gets the item for FREE. "The discount amount cannot be equal to or greater than the listing price" We'll have to see if we can make a request for this. 

So, for now we wonder - can you use two coupons in a purchase? 

Get 50% off with a FREETHEMARKET coupon and ANOTHER 50% off with NOWEMEANFREE

We'll figure this out together y'all!

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