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mazaclub's monday morning market meme meditations

mazaclub's monday morning market meme meditations

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Meme Market Movers

We saw a tip last Friday to dump car salesman memes.  https://twitter.com/MemeEconomy @MemeEconomy  says they've gone mainstream, normiefied. We say car salesmen are boring and someone left these memes in the sun too long and their dankness evaporated. We rate these memes  schwag .

Although there were dozens of football memes during the World Cup games, we didn't get too excited about any of these, more of the usual fare.  It's not coming home

Football memes this week aren't really Dank or Schwag,  just kinda meh  - normiefied. We'll pass

We  did  catch this new rake task meme, and think it could be hot this coming month. The closer we get to altseason, the more we like it. From our friends @Meme_Economy  https://twitter.com/Meme_Economy/status/1017916418841604096 this is our favorite example of expert rake memes   Rake Memes are hot this July!!

We definitely rate this meme a buy, very  Dank .

Market Meme Movers

Lots of action on the collectibles and nifties side of the market. We hear rumors of mememakers moving to sell used and new memes on OpenBazaar, and we're eagerly awaiting the launch of Altmarket. Used memes will add a new dynamic to the market, so polish yours off and get 'em ready for the bazaar. Altmarket's got a shiny new "IAO" token model for your fave music stars, and are big on collectible commodities. They're not the only ones getting into the celebrity token scene. @Bitcoinist reports Major League Baseball announced the other day they're  https://bitcoinist.com/mlb-crypto-baseball-is-bringing-blockchain-to-americas-pastime/ building a new dapp with Lucid Sight that brings you famous players from famous moments in bball history.

Celebrity tokens are another in a long line of meme tokens. We think this one is going to be a hit.

If celebrity memes are a hit, we're going to see celebrities get hit with memes too. This week is no different. 

We meditated on this celebrity metameme for a while, since celebrities are basically memes themselves, and then it hit us:

https://twitter.com/search?q=%23LookAtMeImNaval&src=tyah #LookAtMeImNaval

We've never seen a sybil attack like this one, with so many simply announcing they'd changed identities, but it's propagated pretty quickly, and was quelled just as quickly with normie tweetrage. A brief, but very potent storm. If you bought into this one and dumped it quickly, you banked on this meme. Looked to risky for us, so we sat on the sidelines for this one

Too shortlived for anything like NASDANQ, this meme had an all too familiar development pattern for our taste, leading us to think it was a contrived pump & dump meme. Looks like our intuition saved us this time.

meme propagation storm
Image source:  https://twitter.com/andreasklinger/status/1018150988513808386 Andreas Klinger on Twitter

We'll watch carefully for pony & panda memes this week, but we usually don't go for revenge memes. There could be some good action if you're quick to flip these memes.

We rate #LookAtMeImNaval a  Bank but Schwag  meme.  Dump EET!

Dump EEET!!

We know this dump format could be a hit! Pick up a few of these while you can!

We just got started - Our meme inventory is LOW. Pls Snd.

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