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Sunday Bazaar Shopper

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Sunday, 22 July, 2018

Bazaar Tent Walk

North Wales Food and Drink Hub - Image hosted by blockbooth.com

ob://QmeYEm2gDog4DZLT9EZnYonjAgQ8G6fmoeJaUqP22Uvibw/store North Wales Food and Drink Hub

What drove us to check out North Wales Food and Drink was all the talk on Twitter this week about Sarah's Coffee. We did a little research, and found out why everyone was talking about Sarah's Coffee. 

Why Sarah's wants to sell coffee for BCH!

Sounds interesting, but why BitcoinCash? We dug a little deeper down and found another tweet from Mount Elgon Coffee: 

Mount Elgon Coffee Cooperative Crypto to Farmers Direct
We don't know too much about Mount Elgon Coffee and Honey Cooperative, but we're definitely interested. Here at mazaclub we know what it takes to bring what so many of you call "mass adoption" of cryptocurrencies. It takes you having a cryptocurrency you can feel good about spending on your groceries and necessities, and that means the shops you buy form have to be able to source their goods in crypto. This is how it all starts. Cryptocurrencies help bridge the international payments gap (wires are expensive, and not for the many of us unbanked!), and Sarah's Coffee is showing us all how it's done.

So is North Wales Food and Drink Hub! They're a new shop (Blockbooth says their store is a month old) and jumped right in to help facilitate some coffee trade. We all know how important coffee is to bitcoiners, so this looks like the way to go! Sarah's wasn't ready to run an OB store just yet from what we can tell (it's still a challenge, we think!), and needed a partner to make trade happen right away. This is what we think OpenBazaar will open the doors to more and more as it's on more devices, and is more shopper, vendor, producer, and consumer friendly.

North Wales Food and Drink Hub offers 3 of Sarah's Coffees, and even offers Mount Elgon's raw coffee beans! 

Sarah's Coffee in North Wales Food and Drink Hub Mount Elgon Coffee at North Wales Foor and Drink Hub Sarah's Coffee at North Wales Food and Drink Hub

ob://QmeYEm2gDog4DZLT9EZnYonjAgQ8G6fmoeJaUqP22Uvibw/store Visit North Wales Food and Drink Hub Today!  
Their store accepts BitcoinCash (BCH) 


ob://QmbTAcbKs4vk2VH8BCrMvYXZnwSobAbgEED4tJTBLyHugS/store Investnoir

We've noticed CryptoNoir's cigars in the past, and we're almost feeling like we missed out. This week we all learned a bit about how to keep your node's wallet, identity, and store links safe, and how to back up our stores and keeping our listings and sales data secure, and we've got CryptoNoir to thank for it! They had a hard disk fail, and lost all their store data. This can be really discouraging, especially as an early adopter of challenging technology like OB. 

Show this shop some of the OpenBazaar love, and stop on by while they're rebuilding their shop, and give them a follow! They've got a few of their cigar listings replaced when we went to press, and should have more up this week. We can't wait to see the whole new shop! 

Alec Bradley BX2 at Investnoir Casa Fernandez Copacabana at Investnoir CAO Italia Novela at Investnoir

ob://QmbTAcbKs4vk2VH8BCrMvYXZnwSobAbgEED4tJTBLyHugS/store Check out Investnoir's fine cigars and give them some OpenBazaar Love!  Investnoir accepts BTC

Bazaar Events 15 July - 22 July 2018

Have an event coming up in your OpenBazaar or Brick & Mortar store? Is there a meetup coming up in your area? Let us know. We'll get your events posted in the Bazaar Shopper and Saturday Bazaar Review so you can get the word out! 

Don't miss the weekly /r/OpenBazaar Shameless self promotion thread! Let your neighbors know what you're doing, selling, and producing, and we'll be sure to come by your shop on ob! 

Friday 21 July, 2018
Reddit Shameless Self Promotion thread! 

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