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Fotodiox Pro FACTOR 1x4 V-6000ASVL Bicolor Dimmable Studio Light - Ultra-bright, Professional, Dual Color, Dimmable Photo/Video LED Light

I have this for sale for one week before it goes to a local camera shop for more. Will send photos on request and I will post them later when I can get my camera charged. Also will have a 2x2 in the coming week.

Retails for 2000 with tax and shipping.

The FACTOR 1x4 light is a powerful bi-color LED light panel ouputting ~8,600lx at full daylight color temperature, with no hotspots, no multiple shadows, all in a sturdy light that's perfect for in-studio shoots or full-scale location productions. It's perfect for shooting both photo and video. You get full control over the brightness and color temperature, and you can run it on any household current or use a V-lock style battery.

When you shoot with a regular LED light panel, you've probably noticed that the light output is often harsh. All of those LEDs mean lots of nasty micro-shadows, and an unflattering cast on faces. The FACTOR 1x4 light, however, features LED chip technology and a built-in diffuser - this approach softens the light output without sacrificing power with no hotspots or multiple shadows. 

The other significant problem with conventional bi-color LED panels is that "bicolor" means half power - a 500 LED bi-color light panel gives off the same amount of light as a 250 LED full daylight panel. The FACTOR 1x4 difference is that the light features accurate and powerful LED chips instead of bulbs. The tungsten LED chips are tucked in between the daylight LED chips. This compact and efficient design means that we can offer dual color performance & flexibility without the power loss of a conventional bi-color LED panel. Speaking of power: the FACTOR 1x4 outputs ~8,600 lumens at full daylight and ~6,300 lux at tungsten color temperature.


3200-5600k Tungsten / Daylight Color

10-100% Power Dimmer Dial

Color Rendering Index ?96

300w Maximum Power Draw

DC 24V 4-Pin XLR Power Input

DMX 3-Pin Remote Connection

Kit Includes:

V-6000 ASVL Dimmable Bi-Color FACTOR Light

Mounting Yoke for 5/8" Light Stand Stud

110-240v AC power adapter and Power Cord

Removable, Clip-In Barndoors

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