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Bedtime Bible Stories - Explicit!

Genocide, Rape and Murder- Award Winning Activist's New Book Bedtime Bible Stories-EXPLICIT!

The creator of Bully the Bullies and the screenwriter of Robin Hood: Men in Tights have teamed up to expose the truth about Christian fundamentalism.

"Books like Bedtime Bible Stories - Explicit! are important." - Dave Silverman President of American Atheist

"If the bible was accurate and had illustrations then the bible would be this book." - Stephanie Guttormson Operations Director for the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science

Award winning activist Joey Kirman and co-author J.D. Shapiro are proud to announce the release of Bedtime Bible Stories-EXPLICIT! a true, though sometimes comedic take that exposes the ugly side of the Bible. Stamped with a “Parental Advisory” warning, this wonderfully illustrated compilation contains actual scripture and anecdotal musings about how misguided Christians ignore the horrible truth that the Bible is filled with unspeakable acts of violence and hate that are supposedly God’s will.

Bedtime Bible Stories – Explicit! exposes the Bible that the Christian fundamentalist do not want to be seen.

Bedtime Bible Stories – EXPLICIT! was hatched out of an exasperation with how America's religious leaders manipulate the media and the public for their own ends. It's a game in which they act as both the bully and the victim. What’s worse is that these Christian activists play a role in electing government officials that perpetuate their hateful and prejudiced views and pass laws that discriminate against those whom they have judged as inferior.

Bedtime Bible Stories – EXPLICIT! explains how these Christians use some passages of the Bible that fit their fundamentalist agenda and ignore other passages that clearly show the Bible as filled with inhumanity. Through this process of cherry picking passages they justify their hatred and condemnation of any group they see as unworthy or not following their beliefs.

Bedtime Bible Stories – EXPLICIT! is for anyone who wants to understand what the Bible really says and not be deceived by those who want to control others for their own purposes. This book will open the eyes of both believers and non-believers alike to the terrible truth about this so called holy book. Only through a thorough understanding of the Christian Bible can the real teachings of Christianity be known.

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