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900x111µg LSD WoW blotter, double-purified, 99+% purity

This listing is for 100mg of our highest quality 99+% pure LSD laid on a solid white sheet of unperforated blotter paper. When cut into 1/4 inch x 1/4 inch squares the sheet will yield  900x111µg tabs.

Our LSD is purified at both stages of synthesis (salt, crystal), yielding an exceptionally pure product.

About LSD

Discovered by Dr. Albert Hofmann in 1938, LSD is one of the most potent mind-altering chemicals known. A white, odorless powder usually taken orally, its effects are highly variable and begin within one hour and generally last 8-12 hours, gradually tapering off. It has been used experimentally in the treatment of alcoholics and psychiatric patients. [Where it showed some success.] It significantly alters perception, mood, and psychological processes, and can impair motor coordination and skills. During the 1950s and early 1960s, LSD experimentation was legally conducted by psychiatrists and others in the health and mental health professions. Sometimes dramatic, unpleasant psychological reactions occur, including panic, great confusion, and anxiety. Strongly affected by SET and SETTING.

If you have never used LSD before:

Use of psychedelics can produce both pleasant and unpleasant experiences. The pleasant experiences can include laughter, insight, beautiful visual effects, spiritual experiences and feeling close to the others who are with you. The unpleasant experiences can include anxiety, panic and fear of losing control. At higher dosages you can believe that death is about to occur. Judgment and coordination can be impaired and injury or trauma can result from acting on bad decisions.

Psychedelics are not addictive or harmful to the body. Multi-day use is not possible as tolerance builds quickly and these drugs will have a limited effect for a few days after use. There are no physical withdrawal effects other than feeling tired the next day.

Dosage matters:

50 micrograms : You can walk in public and interact with friendly people

100 micrograms : No contact with straight folks for 8 hours

200 micrograms : You need a safe, predictable environment where you can lie down and listen to relaxing music without interruption

300 micrograms : You need a safe uninterrupted place to lie down with soft music and a good friend to “sit” with you for 10 hours. Skill with mediation techniques helps to let go and not fight the experience.

How to deal with bad trips:

A bad trip is when you are attempting to control something and failing.

Calming music in a safe environment and reassuring friends can help a frightened tripper through a difficult experience. Letting go of attempts to control (go with the flow of the experience) is a useful framework. Meditation and relaxation exercises can be useful. The only way to guarantee you do not have a bad trip is to not take these drugs.

Mental illness

Avoid use of psychedelics if you or a family member have a history of mental health illness. LSD, mushrooms, and other hallucinogens may interact with mental health medications. Avoid mixing the two.

Plan your trip. Never trip on a whim as thoughtful preparation is needed to stay safe.

Set and setting: The experience of psychedelics is largely influenced by set (expectations and current emotional state) and setting (environment of use). The set should be focused on curiosity, self discovery and safety. A poor set is if you want to forget or avoid problems or you are feeling concerned or distressed.

The setting should be a quiet, safe, comfortable location where you can lie down and not be interrupted or disturbed. Having to react to an external event or unsafe person can lead to distress. Listening to peaceful, relaxing music can help provide a calming focus. Don’t trip alone. Having a guide or “sober sitter” who you trust with you is important as you may need to calming, reassuring influence. These drugs have be used for centuries by a variety of aboriginal groups but always in highly supervised and controlled settings which have a spiritual focus.

Understand the length of the trip. Most psychedelics last approx 8 hours. You should plan on being in a safe uninterrupted space for 10 hours to allow for reintegration.

Things to avoid

Avoid climbing anything, looking in the mirror or having sex with anyone other than a comfortable, familiar partner. It is a big mistake to drive under the influence of psychedelics as your judgment and coordination will be impaired. Also avoid interactions with anyone who you do not deeply trust.

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