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Research Club Membership

People who can verify that they hold this virtual token are able to pseudonymously acquire and test Ascendance's experimental compounds. Ownership of this token is a signifier of oneself as an independent researcher, with all due responsibilities. 

The token may be used to wait in line for the next available therapy of your choice. The price paid for your membership can be redeemed, minus shipping and production costs incurred, when you submit your personal experimental data. 

None of these research compounds has had extensive human or animal testing, and should not be used by anyone without expertise in the relevant fields. 

Currently, compounds available are limited to the N6 and Follistatin plasmids therapies, but our selection will be expanding in Q2 2018. 

Researcher applications are subject to arbitrary approval while this network grows. You will be refunded 100% if your application can not yet be approved. 

Store Ascendance Biomedical
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