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Genuine snake spine bracelets, necklaces, large pieces. Ready to wear as accessories, great for handmade creative and vintage goods use.

Small(bracelet): 16-20cm + adjustable thread. (20-24$  per item )

Medium(necklace): 44-50cm  + adjustable thread. (39-43$  per item )

Large: 60-66cm  + steel carabins. (50-60$ per item)

Please message with desired color with order, otherwise random color will be shipped.


  • Handmade item
  • Choice of color: bleached white, light\dark brown, green, orange, black, puple, mixed and more.
  • Materials:  snake bone skeleton, black cotton rope or steel carabins.


Real genuine handmade natural snake bone skeleton necklace made out of snake's spine.

It is fully adjustable as it can be made smaller and larger by tying the cords into a knot a the desirable length. 

Choice of bone color and black cotton rope or steel carabins.

*Please note that all items are handmade product. The actual items may varies in color, size, and carving.

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