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UniVed CalDveg 30 Vegan Capsules. Organic Form of Calcium&Magnesium & 73 trace minerals from Marine Algae, Plant-Based Vitamin D3 Vitashine.


  • Helps maintain strong & healthy bones
  • Works towards increasing bone density
  • 500 mg of algae calcium per serving
  • 1000 I.U. of plant-based vitamin D3 per serving
  • 50 mcg of natural vitamin K2-7 and 33 mg of algae magnesium & 73 trace minerals per serving
  • 100% natural, Vegan, & gluten-free

​Helps Maintain Strong & Healthy Bones

One in four women older than 50 years suffer from osteoporosis. Men aged 65 years and above lose bone mass and their ability to absorb calcium reduces. Supplementing with CalDveg may reduce their risk of osteoporosis and may help prevent other bone related disorders.

Unived's CalDveg brings the requisite nutrition for strong bones. The essential minerals and vitamins D and K, promote bone forming cells to be active and prevent bone loss consistently. Being a balanced bone health supplement, CalDveg not only prevents bone related disorders like osteoporosis but also averts calcification of arteries that occur due to inappropriate supplementation.

Complete Bone Health Support

CalDveg is a formulation that brings natural and plant-based ingredients for optimum bone nutrition and strengthening. It combines algae calcium, magnesium, and 73 trace minerals, along with plant-based vitamin D3 and vitamin K2-7.

For optimum results, consume one capsule after lunch and one capsule after dinner. This provides the daily recommended calcium intake of 500 mg. Studies also show that taking calcium with meals increases absorption. Our capsules are Vegan & made from vegetable cellulose and we don’t add any fillers!


Plant-Based Calcium - An Organic Source

Plant-sourced calcium is derived from a marine algae called Algas Calcareas.

Algae calcium is more effective than the calcium sourced from pulverized limestone and marvel used in traditional calcium products. Plant-based calcium is more bio-available, the body is able to utilize over 80% of the minerals as compared with extremely low utilization (less than 10%) in case of synthetic minerals contained in popular calcium supplements made with calcium carbonate or calcium citrate. Further, algae calcium has a very high solubility in the stomach’s physiological environment with over 97% dissolving within 30 minutes.

CalDveg is one of the most complete bone health products on the market, offering 500 mg of algae calcium that is from an organic source which also provides organic magnesium and 73 other trace minerals. 

Vegan Vitamin D3 For Calcium Absorption 

Vitamin D helps maintain a calcium and phosphorus balance and facilitates the infusion of minerals in bones. Plant-based vitamin D3, as Cholecalciferol, is derived from Lichens and is more potent than vitamin D2. Research shows that vitamin D3 has a longer shelf life in the body than D2.

Taking a plain calcium supplement can do more harm than good, as if the calcium is not fully absorbed then it may deposit in our arteries creating clogs and cardiovascular complications. Vitamin D is crucial in supporting calcium absorption. The therapeutic dose of 1000 I.U. vitamin D3, readily binds with vitamin D receptors and effectively maximize calcium absorption.

The vitamin D3 we use is derived from the World’s only Vegan approved source - Lichens. This is an all natural plant-based source of vitamin D3 and is highly bio-available.

Natural Vitamin K2-7 For Calcium Utilization

Vitamin K2-7 is an important inducer of bone mineralization in osteoblasts and is needed to activate bone proteins, essential in binding calcium effectively to the bone matrix, keeping our bones dense and strong. Shortage in vitamin K2 can result in calcium being lost in the blood stream, increasing the risk of osteoporosis and calcification of the arteries. Natural vitamin K2-7 sourced from natto beans, ensures proper utilization of calcium by the  body.

About the product

  • Most complete all natural plant-based bone health formulation available today
  • Organic form of Calcium, Magnesium and 73 Trace Minerals, all sourced from Algae. This complete bone building complex aids in restoring your bones to a strong, healthy state
  • 500mg Algae Calcium + 33mg Algae Magnesium + 73 Natural Trace Minerals (Algae), 1000 I.U. Plant-based Vitamin D3 from Lichen (Vitashine), to facilitate Calcium absorption & 50mcg Vitamin K2-7 (Menaquinone Gold) to facilitate Calcium utilization
  • Plant based products are highly bio-available and are easier to digest causing no bloating, gas, or constipation
  • No additives, no fillers, no unnecessary ingredients. Packed in Vegan capsules

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