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MicroGro - Cannabis Grow Tent

The MicroGro is intended for small grows, mother plants, germination and clone growth.  This grow tent plays a key role in creating a perpetual system and because of the size of the MicroGro it can be placed wherever your home has space.

Dimensions - LxWxH : 2.5’ x 1.5’ x 3’
Interior Lining : Light diffusing and green PEVA which reduces hot spots and distributes light more evenly across the grow space.
Exterior Lining : Tear resistant and durable 600D x 300D nylon.

Poles : 16mm steel composite


  • Double bottom floor improves rigidity and strength while also fully containing spills and leaks.

  • Nylon loops at the bottom front corners of the tent allow the front door to be secured by steel cable.

  • 4 cross hatch ceiling support bars for hanging ventilation, carbon filters, and LED or florescent lights.

This tent is a product of a now defunct business some friends and I started after college for the Oregon cannabis market. They can be used to grow most anything that requires climate controlled conditions.  These tents are to be used ONLY with LED lights (DO NOT use with HID/HPS/MH/Plasma lighting). No warranty is provided - expressed or implied.  Don't grow weed in your area if it's illegal.

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