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Kali Bubba - 10g

Kali Bubba

Type: 80% Sativa / 20% Indica
THC: ~ 15%
Grown : outdoor

Kali Bubba from Breeder Serious Seeds is a descendant of the two greats Bubbel Gum and Kali Mist, who were allowed to unfold freely in their natural habitat under open skies.
The Bubbel Gum as a hybrid with a predominant sativa content and the Kali Mist as a very pure sativa have produced a unique sativa genetics with the Kali Bubba.
The clear high has an energizing and inspiring effect on body and mind.
With its sweet and spicy aroma, it is reminiscent of a colourful mixture of wild herbs.
The rather small flowers with less thick stems and many brown hairs indicate that the Kali Bubba can also ripen outdoors to the end of its bloom and thus develop its full strength.

Store Monas Bio Garden
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