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Vintage Apple Computer - Sell With Apple Training (S.W.A.T.) Bundle

Up for sale today is a rare collection of items from a period in Apple Computers History before the retail Apple Store. In the later 70s into the early 90s Apple relied heavily on its sales team to drive personal, business & education sales. In 1985 they started culminating this sales knowledge and experience into a program called Sell With Apple Training or S.W.A.T. (later deprecated due to a conflict with a popular T.V show at the time). 

The S.W.A.T name was only used for internal purposes. Both corporate and field  (sales, support, training and marketing), employees were required to attend an immersive four day training session covering company and product orientation, marketing programs and retail sales techniques. Eventually non-Apple, retail organizations were granted an invitation.

A interesting feature of the training involved retail sales training experience conducted in a secret mockup of a complete “ Apple Store ”. Many years before an actual Apple retail store opened to the public in May of 2001.

The Lapel Pin:

This is a commemorative lapel pin in near-mint condition, never been worn or used

Vacuum sealed for further protection

The Coffee Mug:

These were coffee mugs used in both the break room of the sales training facilities, and given to various members of the sales force.

These were never available to the general public or even normally other Apple employees not in the sales department!

Has been used in the past but has been clean to manufactures specifications
No chips in either ceramics or paint
Will be well packaged to insure safe shipping!

The Polo Shirt:

This is an XL beige Polo style t-shirt by Tee Top of a 65% polyester 35% cotton blend. Some spots are starting to thin, and one of the buttons shows signs of damage.

Shirt is in used condition but has been washed & cleaned in accordance with manufactures specifications 
Vacuum sealed for further protection

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