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ALMAG-01 pain relief home magnetic PEMF therapy device

This is an original licensed device, directly from  manufacturer.

Full original set with Russian paper manual is included. 
I will also include an English manual on CD or will 
send it by e-mail if needed. 

I will ship it WORLDWIDE with Registered Airmail and provide you a tracking number

Please note, device has a 220v/50 Hz  power supply , so U.S. customers may need a proper converter. Please, use at least 60 Watt converter. It is quite cheap and easy to find.

ALMAG - 01 is effective at treatment of:

Musculoskeletal system diseases

Venous system diseases

Cardiovascular system  diseases

Gastrointestinal tract  diseases

Neurological diseases

Chronic nonspecific lung diseases

Locomotors system diseases

– Osteochondrosis

– Deforming osteoarthrosis

Arthritis and arthrosis of different joints

– Scapulohumeral periarthritis

– Arthritis

– Epicondylitis

– Gout

– Bursitis

– Myositis

– Paratenonitis

Locomotors system injuries

– Bone fractures

– Internal joint injuries

– Wounds, soft tissues bruise, hematoma, post traumatic oedema

– Ligament and muscle injuries

– Post-operation wounds

– Keloid cicatrix

– Sluggish purulent wounds, phlegmons, burns

Diseases of peripheral nervous system

– Neuritis

– Facial nerve neuritis

– Radial nerve neuritis

– Ulnar nerve neuritis

– Median nerve neuritis

– Sciatic (sciatica) nerve neuritis

– Perennial nerve neuritis

– Plexitis

– Neuralgia

– Trigeminal nerve neuralgia

– Occipital nerve neuralgia

– Intercostal neuralgia

Central nervous system traumas:

– Vertebral column and spinal cord traumas

– Disorder of spinal blood circulation

- Brain vascular diseases

– Ischemic cerebral stroke

Diseases of cardiovascular system

– Hypertension of degree I and II

– Renal hypertension

– Hypertonic type of vegeto-vascular dystonia

– Ischemic illness of heart with the stable tension stenocardia

– obliterating atherosclerosis (endarteritis) of the vessels of the lower extremities

Pancreatic diabetes complications

– Diabetic angiopathy

– Diabetic polyneuropathy

Dermatologic diseases

– Itching dermatosis

– Dermal plastic operation postoperative condition

Chronic nonspecific lung diseases

– Chronic bronchitis

– Chronic pneumonia

– Bronchial asthma

Gastrointestinal tract disorders

– Subacute and chronic pancreatitis

– Biliary dyskinesia

– Chronic gastritis

– Stomach and duodenum ulcer

Female genital organs diseases

- Uterus and uterine appendages inflammatory diseases in the subacute period

– Diseases caused by ovary hypo function

– Cesarean post operation condition

Diseases of venous system of the upper and lower extremities

– Deep vein thrombosis of a lower leg

Chronic thrombophlebitis in a stage of trophic disorders varicose illness


Inflammatory disorders in the acute phase

Bleeding and a tendency to it

Severe hypotension

Purulent processes before surgery

Severe coronary heart disease

The early post-infarction period

Acute period of ischemic attacks


Systemic blood diseases

Oncological diseases


diencephalic syndrome

Have a pacemaker implanted in the affected area


  1. AC power supply: 220V ( -10%; +10% ) or  230V (-10%; +6%), frequency 50Hz;
  2. Power consumption: ≤ 35 VA.
  3. Weight: max. 0.62 kg.
  4. Dimensions:  Power supply unit - 137x60x44 mm;  Emitter (single piece): 15x90 mm.
  5. The number of emitters - 4.
  6. Amplitude value of magnetic induction on an emitter’s surface (both flat sides): (20±6) mT.
  7. Pulse duration: 1.5-2.5 ms.
  8. Magnetic field frequency: 6 Hz.
  9. Mean lifetime – 8 (eight) years.
  10. Class of the device according to MDD 93/42/EEC – Class IIa.
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