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Duna T Phototherapy device Chiropractic K - and IR LEDs

This is an original licensed device, directly from  manufacturer.

Full original set with Russian paper manual is included. 
I will also include an English manual on CD or will 
send it by e-mail if needed. 

I will ship it WORLDWIDE with Registered Airmail and provide you a tracking number

Please note, device has a 220v/50 Hz  power supply , so U.S. customers may need a proper converter. It is quite cheap and easy to find.

The apparatus “Duna T” is successfully employed for prevention and treatment of musculoskeletal system diseases, injuries, burns. It eliminates edema, improves blood circulation and lymphokinesia, stimulates recovery from influenza and cold, improves immunity. E ffective at treatment of  osteochondrosis, arthritis, osteoarthritis, dermatitis. Also in psoriasis, acne, herpes and other skin diseases

The apparatus for phototherapy “Duna-T” is designed for noninvasive treatment of different diseases in people and animals. The apparatus can be used in combination with other treatment methods (medicines, manual therapy etc.). The apparatus provides for simultaneous penetrating impact of the red and infrared range light flux.   


The device provides simultaneous penetrating impact on the patient stream of red and infrared ranges. 

LED matrix - 21 red and 16 infrared LEDs. 

Weight, not more than - 250 g 

Wavelength (red band) - 632.7 nm 

Wavelength (IR range) - 840 nm 

Area of impact, not less than - 10 cm2 

Total density of radiation power, not more than - 2,0 mW/cm2 

Power consumption - 6 watts 

Power supply Voltage of - 220 ±10% 

Frequency 50 Hz

Consumer properties:

Device for phototherapy «Duna-T» is designed for non-invasive treatment of various diseases in humans and animals. The device can be used simultaneously with other methods of treatment (medicine, manual therapy and etc.).

Competitive advantages:

Is used in most branches of medicine, and as a self-sufficient way of treatment, and in combination with traditional medical methods. No age limits. Practically no contraindications.

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