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ORIGINAL Cold Soft Laser Quantum Therapy Chiropractic Low Level LLLT 620-880 nm

This is an original licensed device, directly from manufacturer.

Full original set with Russian paper manual is included. 

I will also include an English manual on CD or will send it by e-mail if needed. 

Device has universal power supply 100v to 220v 50/60 Hz, so can be used worldwide. 

Low level COLD LASER quantum therapy + Acupuncture 'Vityaz' ('Vityas') medical device. 

Only this laser wavelength can guarantee treatment effect and safety. And also it has a one year manufacturers warranty (all  necessary  papers are included)

Also includes  english  "Methodical Application Guide" and "Methodical Manual on  Reflexotherapy and 3 great  eBooks  (will send you a link to download or will send on  CD) 

This is a new model with  GREAT RESELL POTENTIAL!  As I know, such devices costs near 1000$ in USA. So you can buy it both for  self healing  and for  making profit ! So take your chance!

"Optical Nozzle Set"

( retail  price 29$)

The complete set of nozzles are specific for Ear, Nose and Throat conditions and applied in  stomatology , otolaryngology, cosmetology, gynecology, proctology, urology, sexual pathology and  reflexotherapy .

"Protective  googles "

( retail  price 22$)

With special glass to protect eyes from laser emanation

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+ FREE 3 great  eBooks  (on CD)

1) 'Lasers and Laser Therapy'

2)  'Guide  To  Acupuncture And Acupressure' - 360 pages illustrated

If you are interested in  knowning  more about acupressure and acupuncture, this guide covers all aspects of treatment from choosing a practitioner to follow-up  excercises . It provides a comprehensive listing of medical ailments from acne to menopause that can be healed naturally. 
This book is just what it should be - a good overview, an excellent survey, with useful information. Information you wouldn't likely see in any one book. 
If you're looking for a single book to help you get started - this is a good one for such a purpose. 
The depth of material is reasonable, considering that it covers so much and is an overview/survey.

3) 'Essentials of Chinese Acupuncture' - 448 pages illustrated 
Essentials of Chinese Acupuncture  is a translation of  Zhongguo  Zhen- jiuxue   Gaiyao   published in 1964 and re-edited recently. This book features a clear presentation of the basic theories of traditional Chinese medicine so as to initiate readers to an understanding of traditional Chinese medicine in general and share its benefits in their clinical practice and study of acupuncture and  moxibustion .

Also includes  english  "Methodical Application Guide"
"Methodical Manual on  Reflexotherapy "!

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Vityaz  Quantum therapy unit got a certificate  of conformity with European directive  (  No. EU0610404 Order No.  71655 )

The small-sized apparatus, is simple in management and work

Microprocessor control operating modes

Automatic control of work on the chosen regimen

Detailed, methodical management convenient for perception for work with the apparatus

Sound and light indication of all operating modes of the apparatus

The built in self-checking of working capacity of the apparatus

Laser radiation power of the red bandwidth (620 - 700 nm)

- 5mW

Laser radiation power of the infrared bandwidth (810-880 nm)

- 5mW

Trine of operating conditions set up

- 5 sec

Overall dimensions of the apparatus

- 240/45/64 mm

Number of the algorithm programmable therapeutic regimens

- 5

AC power supply

- 100-220 V, 50/60 Hz

Power consumption, not more than

- 12 W (9.5W average)

Frequency of impulsive red radiation

- 2 Hz

Modulation of infra-red radiation

-12500 Hz

Red laser wavelehgth

620 - 700 nm range 5 mW

Infra-red laser wavelehgth

810 - 880 nm range 5 mW

Weight, no more then

- 1.1 kg

Device has a universal power supply 100v to 220v 50/60 Hz, so can be used worldwide

Vityas  it is effective at treatment more than 50 diseases

·  Acute and chronic bronchitis

·  Acute and chronic rhinitis

·  Acute pneumonia

·  Alveolysis

·  Arthritis, arthrosis of phalanges of hand and foot

·  Arthritis, arthrosis

·  Arthritis, gonarthrosis

·  Arthritis, hip joint arthrosis

·  Arthritis, wrist joint arthrosis

·  Bone fractures

·  Bronchial allergy

·  Calcaneal spur

·  Cervical erosion

·  Cholecystitis

·  Concussions

·  Decubitus

·  Dermatitis

·  Disruption and hydrops of mamilla

·  Dyskinesia of bile passages

·  Eczema

·  Endodontitis

·  Furunculosis

·  Gingivitis

·  Herpes

·  Humeroscapular parasynovitis

·  Muscles stretching treatment

·  Myositis

·  Neurodynia

·  Obliterating atherosclerosis

·  Obliterating endarteritis

·  Open wounds

·  Osteochondrosis

·  Otitis

·  Pancreatitis

·  Peptic ulcer disease

·  Peritenditis

·  Phlebeurysm

·  Radiculitis

·  Sinuitis

·  Tonsillitis

·  Trophic ulcer

·  Ventricle peptic ulcer

·  Verrucas

·  Wrinkles

Laser Acupuncture

A focused laser beam produces a response similar to a needle but is


No risk of infection

Safe to do yourself at home

Laser acupuncture mildly activates acupuncture points without needles. With the  Vityaz  you get all the benefits of acupuncture without the discomfort. Points are located easily with the  Vityaz  using the treatment guide and lights on top to guide you.

" Methodical   Manual   on  Reflexotherapy" included

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