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UNILOR-01 ENT disease local therapy home device

This is an original licensed device, directly from manufacturer.

Full original set with Russian paper manual is included. 

I will also include an English manual on CD or will send it by e-mail if needed. 

Please note, device has a 220v/50 Hz power supply , so U.S. customers may need a proper converter. It is quite cheap and easy to find.

UNILOR-01 it is effective at treatment of following diseases:

Allergic rhinitis Adenoiditis Ear pain (otalgia) in acute respiratory infections Furuncle of external auditory canal in the resorption stage Acute suppurative otitis media in stages of stifling of acute process and phase of resorption Acute and chronic diffuse external otitis in the stage of fading inflammation and the phase of resorption Acute and chronic catarrhal otitis media in the stage of reverse development of the inflammatory process Chronic purulent mesotympanitis in the stage of attenuation of acute process Frontite (sinusitis) Tonsillitis (angina) in the stages of stifling of the acute process and the phase of remission Rhinitis (rhinitis), sinusitis in the stages of stifling of acute process and remission phase Acute respiratory disease (preventive heating during epidemic outbreaks) The device has elements for heating the nose, ears and throat, as well as the irradiator for complex exposure to light pulsed radiation and a magnetic impulse field. You will get full set of nozzles.

UNILOR is the medicine of the future!

UNILOR is a modern achievement of the well-known medical equipment manufacturer, created by scientists and physicians for effective therapy of ENT diseases at home. The new development significantly reduces the duration of the disease and reduces the intake of medications.



- Clears the nose, restores breathing.

- Accelerates the restoration of the nasal mucosa, returns the sense of smell.

- Reduces the course of the disease. During seasonal epidemics, you avoid infection.



- Quickly relieves pain.

- Stops inflammation and facilitates swallowing.

- Stimulates local immunity, relieves weakness and malaise.



- Stops inflammation.

- Increases the time between attacks of acute pain in the ear, they themselves "shoots" makes it shorter until they are finally passed.

- Relieves earache.



- Stops proliferation of adenoids.

- Clears the nose, eases breathing, eliminates nasal and snoring, stops the dry morning cough.

- Eliminates the sensation of a "coma in the throat", returns normal hearing, relieves congestion in the ears.


Allergic rhinitis:

- Fixes with stuffiness in the sinuses: clears the nose and facilitates breathing.

- Drastically reduces the symptoms of seasonal allergies: nasal discharge, itching in the nose, sneezing, lacrimation and redness of the eyes.

- Eliminates the effects of allergies: irritation, restless sleep, headaches.

How does UNILOR work?

1. Enhances metabolism, improves nutrition of tissues. Removes edema of the mucous membrane of the nose and throat, significantly improves well-being and increases immunity.

2. Revitalizes capillary blood flow and metabolic processes. Anesthetizes.

3. Removes passivity and rigidity of muscles. Quickly cope with the symptoms and treats the disease itself.

4. Dissolves the inflammatory processes, scars, adhesions.

5. Promotes more effective absorption of medicines, as well as the flow of natural nutrients to the diseased organ.


The main reasons for choosing UNILOR

1. Due to the unique complex effect, the effectiveness of treatment is greatly increased.

2. The modern ergonomic shape of the elements, small sizes that fit tightly to the body, light weight, pleasant therapeutic sensations and different modes of action allow you to be treated in the most comfortable conditions.

3. The product is a novelty from the well-proven from the best side of the domestic brand ELAMED, gaining popularity in Russia and abroad due to effective practice of treatment.

4. Allows you to minimize the consumption of drugs, and in some cases - completely do without them.

5. The device is ideal not only for adults, but also for "sick" children from 1 year old, as well as elderly patients and allergy sufferers.


UNILOR: free breath, clear head, happy time!


  Acute inflammatory processes in the area of ​​exposure
Feverish states
Nasal bleeding or tendency to it
Pustular skin diseases in the affected area
Active tuberculosis process
Malignant neoplasms
Hypersensitivity to any heat  


 Average power of light pulse radiation

  for nose , from 4 to 6 Watt  

  for ear  from  2 to 3 mWatt                             

 Pulse repetition rate

 for nose – 870 Hz ± 10%

 for ear – 435 Hz ± 5%         

 The maximum value of the induction of a pulsed magnetic field     no less 5 mTl
 Duration of light radiation and magnetic action:  (5 ± 0,1) min
 Duration of continuous operation in a short-time mode:  6 hours 
 dimensions:  no more 95 х 85 х 65 mm 
 weight:   no more 0,3 kg; 
 supply voltage:  220/230 V, 50 Hz; 
 power consumption:   no more 8 Watt; 
 safety class:   I BF. 

Please note, device has a 220v 50 Hz  power supply , so U.S. customers may need a proper adapter. It is quite cheap and easy to find.

You will get:

  - emitter - 1 pc;

  - nozzle for impact on the nasal cavity - 3pcs;

  - nozzle for impact on the ear cavity - 3pcs;

  - heating element for the nose area - 1 piece;

  - heating element for the ear area - 1 pc.

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