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Graphic Ad Space

Graphic Ad Space in Saturday Bazaar Review and Sunday Bazaar Shopper

Our graphic ads will be featured the OpenBazaar issue of the Sunday Bazaar Shopper, and here on Yours, and in the Saturday Bazaar Review. Additionally, your graphic ad will be featured postings on Twitter, Reddit, Memo. This is a new service, so we're offering it to you basically free! Get a coupon for 99% off in the Yours.org issue of the Sunday Bazaar Shopper!

We'll run your ad for 4 weeks.

Terms are simple - you send us some money, and either a link for us to download your graphic add suitable for a listing on openbazaar, tweet, yours.org post, or your contact information. 

Graphic ads will run in both of our weekly publications, and will be featured in at least 2 additional posts about our publications on other site. Make sure to include the link to your store, and what coin that store accepts (and if you accept other coins) We're based in Washington and California, and can only accept ads for stores and items that are legal in our jurisdiction, including scheduled drugs, fireawms & explosives, stolen data or accounts, and similar items. Marijuana IS legal in our jurisdiction, and we're happy to post coupons and ads for your cannibis products in our OpenBazaar publications, and in our posts on Memo and other decentralized services. We do not post cannibs ads to centralized social sites like Yours, Twitter, Reddit. 

Store mazaclub
Tags advertising, sunday-bazaar-shopper, openbazaar, saturday-bazaar-review, ads
Categories Saturday Bazaar Review, Sunday Bazaar Shopper
Price 10000 BCH
Condition New
Open Listing with OpenBazaar