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USED Apple Xserve 3,1 a1279 2x Quad Core 2.93Ghz x5570 Xeon NO RAM NO HDD

USED Apple Xserve 3,1 a1279 2x Quad Core 2.93Ghz X5570 Xeon NO RAM NO HDD

We keep a steady supply of these in stock, in 2.26GHz, 2.66GHz, 2.93GHz, and occasionally we have an upgraded model with a pair of  W5590 Quad-Core 3.33GHz - Please ensure you're ordering from the correct listing. If we don't have one in stock with your chosen options, we will backorder it for you - please allow 2 weeks for delivery of backordered gear. 

Our Xserves ship with no RAM and no HDD/SSD - drive bays are filled with at least one disk sled, and blanks to fill any other slots. 

We carry RAM, disk sleds, and disks for these - please check the Enterprise Servers section of our store. We recommend 3 or 6 sticks for Single Processor models, and 6 or 12 sticks for Dual Processor models. Use the same RAM in all filled slots. These units are tested to use 8GB modules for a max capacity of 48GB on Single Proccessors, and 96GB on Dual Processors 

All of our Xserves are burned in thoroughly on our development network, and are guaranteed to be fully functional. All of our Xserves are tested to run on (at least) El Capitan, and ESXi 6.5

We use these machines for MacOS virtualization servers with ESXi 6.5. 

Please see secondary images to verify overall condition. Unless otherwise specified, you can expect that our Xserves are clean, no dents or bends. Most will have scuffs and scratches on the top lid.

Listing Date 25 June, 2018

Store mazaclub
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