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WE BUY Antminer S9 NEW or USED

We Buy Mining Gear!

Unload your older gear here

USED Miner BUY prices as of 24 June 2018:

$550 Antminer S9 13-14TH/s with PSU
$450 Antminer S9 13-14TH/s no PSU
$235 Antminer S7 4.7TH/s with PSU
$100 Antminer S7 4.7TH/s  no PSU
$150 Antminer S4 2TH/s integrated PSU

Prices are for units that are clean and have all chips working on all hashboards, faans working and not in need of replacement. If we offer you a price and you've have not disclosed functional defects we will pay prorated amounts. 

If you ship us units with the following defects, we will deduct the amounts show from the final amount due you. We document the unboxing and turn up of gear purchased online. We'll be happy to provide video if we find defects in items you ship to us. 

Excessive Dust - $10 
Replace Fan unit - $25
Bad Chip - $20
Failed PSU - $130

See Terms & Conditions below for details, and to see how our process works

Just interested in an upgrade? Done mining and need a laptop to store your loot?
We take trade-ins as well!

We'll take your trade at between 5-10% over the prices listed above if you buy gear of equall or greater value from us. There is no restriction on what gear you may purchase to qualify for a trade! Got a miner, need a server or a switch? No Problem! 

What you're buying in this listing

This listing is and OFFER TO BUY your gear. The only thing you will receive upon ordering is a review of your OFFER. We will contact you via OpenBazaar.

We charge 1 millibit BCH for this service. We respond to all serious offers within 48hrs. We will refund your purchase of this listing if we review and accept or refuse your offer. We reserve the right to not respond to joke or spam offers, or offers that do not abide by the terms of this offer.

Offers requesting more than 20% above our stated purchase prices will be ignored, and are not refundable

Offers for used or damaged equipment are considered. 

We review the price of this service weekly, and adjust according to BCH price. 

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Categories Sha256 Miners, Mining Gear
Price 1000 BCH
Condition Used Excellent
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