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Darth Malak (Star Wars 30th Anniversary Collection) Action Figure

In the days of the Old Republic, thousands of years before the rise of Darth Vader, a Jedi named Revan falls to the dark side. While chasing Mandalorian raiders with his Jedi companion Malak, Revan is consumed by destructive Sith energies on the planet Malachor V. He becomes a Sith Lord and lures Malak to the dark side as well, as his Sith apprentice. This 3.75" tall Dark Lord of the Sith action figure makes an excellent addition to your Star Wars collection! Darth Revan figure comes with a lightsaber and an exclusive collector coin!

This item is 100% factory sealed and smoke and pet free. I t will ship bubble wrapped and well packed in a small  USPS   Priority Mail box, usually within a day of the purchase. A tracking number will be emailed as well.

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