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Transformers Animated Elite Guard Bumblebee Deluxe Action Figure

Transformers Animated Elite Guard Bumblebee is colored in gold, black and yellow, and is decorated with Cybertron Elite Guard insignias. Bumblebee features translucent blue eyes, flip-out stingers and snap-on rocket thrusters. Elite Guard Bumblebee’s array of articulation includes the neck, shoulders, elbows, hips, knees and ankles. Bumblebee was offered an opportunity by Sentinel Minor/Prime to join the Cybertron Elite Guard. Preferring action to words, Bumblebee particularly enjoys his sleek thruster-powered sportster mode. In robot mode, he’s equipped with back-mounted rockets and flip-out stingers. Bumblebee’s boisterous exuberance overwhelms the majority of his actions, leaving no interim for fear of the treacherous Decepticons. .

This item is 100% factory sealed with no exposure to smoke or pets. It will ship bubble wrapped and well packed, usually within a day of the purchase.

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