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Avengers #254 (1985) Comic Book

The Mighty Avengers #254 (April 1985) by Marvel Comics

"Absolute Vision" Script by Roger Stern. Art by Bob Hall (breakdowns), Joe Delbeato (finishes), and Joe Rubinstein (finishes). Cover by Bob Hall and Joe Rubinstein. Throughout their glorious history, Earth's Mightiest Heroes have made their living stopping the plans of would-be world conquerors. But today the Avengers must stop one of their own! The Vision has good intentions, but does he know where the road paved with good intentions leads? As the synthezoid avenger closes in on world cyber domination, the Avengers along with their west coast counterparts invade the mansion! Can anyone find the Vision? Can anyone talk sense into him? It's a race against time…the Avengers must win! Cameo appearances by Hawkeye, Mockingbird, and Tigra. Avengers Lineup: Black Knight, Captain America, Hercules, Scarlet Witch, Starfox, Wonder Man, and the Vision.

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