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Elric, One Life #0 (1996) Comic Book

Elric, One Life #0 (1996) by Topps Comics
One Life: Furnished in Early Moorcock - Written by Neil Gaiman (Original Prose Short Story) & P. Craig Russell (Adaptation). Art and Cover by P. Craig Russell. Based on the short story "One Life" by Neil Gaiman, this tale features the stunning adaptation talents of P. Craig Russell! His name is Richard Grey. He is a twelve-year-old boy; awkward, unathletic, and the butt of every schoolboy prank and joke. In a word, Richard's life is...ordinary. But in the works of Michael Moorcock and the novels of Elric, Richard's life becomes fabulous! As Richard goes through the school year, his love and obsession for the Elric novels become the shield that protects and strengthens him as he suffers the humiliation of persecution by bullies and domination by adults and teachers who threaten to betray his innocent trust.

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