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Street Fighter #14 (2005) Comic Book

Street Fighter #14A (February 2005) by Image Comics

STREET FIGHTERby Ken Siu-Chong, Arnold Tsang, Andrew Hou, & Udon After his visit to Las Vegas, Ryu makes his long awaited journey back to India to find Dhalsim. Will finding the Yoga master bring Ryu closer to getting back on the trail of Sagat? And what does Ryu hope to gain in his quest to defeat Akuma by finding the former King of Muay Thai? Meanwhile, Rose decides that she can no longer stand aside and allow Bison to continue with his maniacal agenda. Revealing her existence to him for the first time, she can only hope that the mysterious 'soul power' she controls will be enough to stop him. Plus, look for the action-packed art of Carlos (Batgirl, Impulse) Barberi explodes onto the page with a backup story featuring Guile! 

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