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X-Force #116 (2001) Comic Book

X-Force #116 (July 2001) by Marvel Comics
A non-comics code issue due to "mature content," says Marvel. Cover by Mike Allred, Peter Milligan/mike allred THE SCOOP: It's a new era for X-FORCE as writer Peter Milligan (Shade The Changing Man, Human Target) and penciler Mike Allred (Madman, Atomics) bring an exciting, controversial and innovative vision to the title! THE STORY: Professor X had a dream, that mutants and humans could live in peace and harmony. A new squad of operatives calling themselves X-Force are living that dream. These eight mutants are cashing in on their special skills to preserve the Free World from the Forces of Evil, but at no small cost to themselves. Adored by humans, reviled by their fellow mutants, X-Force has successfully "crossed over." Problem is, there may be no going back! Meet the new team: Zeitgeist, U-Go Girl, The Anarchist, Battering Ram, Plazm, Gin Genie, La Nuit and their amorphous assistant Doop! Eight mutants who've teamed together to do the big dirty jobs that others can't. Eight mutants who shine in the blinding lights of the media but strike in the dark of night. Eight mutants who've agreed to burn brightly and as you'll see burn fast! 

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