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Antique Certified Violin 1790

This unique violin is circa 1790 from France. It is 228 years old.  Its from the region of Mirecourt which is famed for its luthiers & violin makers.  A museum quality.   It comes with a certificate of authenticity  by a world famous expert.

A splendid workmanship. One piece back. Good condition. It sounds well. It is a pleasure to play. Rich sound.  A rarity. Unique. Vintage. It comes with a new set of strings placed by a professional luthier.

I believe it was owned by Glenn Reeves. He was the talented principal violist for the Oregon Symphony for over 50 years.

It has a label inside - " Antonius Gagliano Filius / Nicolai, fecit Neap. 1790 "

A wonderful instrument for a sophisticated collector, an experienced musician, a special gift to your loved one or an upcoming musician.  Buy it now because its the best thing you can do.  

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