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Hand Made - Vintage 1948 Lucky Penny Keyring – 70th Birthday / Anniversary

This keyring is hand-made [by myself] from a genuine circulated old British Penny coin. These are obviously the big pre-decimal pennies, which measure 3cm across. The coin on this keyring is dated 1948, so would be an ideal gift for an 70th birthday or anniversary.

The keyring fittings themselves are of a high quality. Apart from the heavy duty 3cm diameter ring for attaching the keys themselves to, I use weight-rated stainless steel split rings and swivels originally designed for angling for the connecting pieces, so the keyrings are built to last. The central swivel allows for keys and coin to freely spin round in relation to each other, without ending up with a tied-in-knots piece of connecting chain, as you get with most keyrings.

The keyrings are supplied in a velvet gift pouch.

Obviously, with these being made using a genuine circulated coin, the coin itself will have wear and patina. When making these keyrings, I select coins which have worn nicely and look suitably vintage, without being badly scratched or marked. The older the coin, the more vintage they tend to look. 

After drilling for the keyring fittings, the coins are cleaned in acetone to remove drilling oil residue and surface grease and dirt, whilst still preserving the antique patina.

Thanks to a deceased relative, who left a huge collection of old pre-decimal coinage. I have a vast number of these old coins; ha'pennies, pennies, thrupenny bits, sixpences, shillings, florins, half crowns, etc. covering most years from the 1890s until the introduction of decimalisation. 

It would take me several lifetimes to work through them all, making them into keyrings, so I'm starting with the obvious 'something-zero' anniversaries. However, I'm happy to custom make these and list them here, on demand. So, if you're interested in having a unique memento of a special year, feel free to message me and I'll have a look through my old coins stash and see whether and what coins I have available for that date.


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