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Royal Green Hojari Frankincense - Resin ​(Premium, Best Grade) - 1 kg

This rich and rare Frankincense grade is the finest available worldwide. Direct from the only place it is found - Oman. It is mainly used for its magical healing properties. With big and small green teardrop resins, and a delicate eucalyptus, lemon and lime aroma, this resin is the ultimate in mind, body and soul purification. In advanced meditation it takes you to the highest divine connection, and you become One with yourself and the universe. Medicinally, Green Hojari has the capability of destroying cancer cells without harming regular cells. It purifies and rebuilds the DNA strands, regulates blood circulation, cleanses and invigorates the blood, and relieves severe arthritic pain. Promotes wisdom, courage, inner strength, grace, prosperity and immortality.

100% Natural & Organic | Internal & External Use | Product of Oman
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Weight - 1 kg
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