Early BETA version = Work in Progress - See info.

Custom Large Mousepads / mats

Selling Brand New custom mouse pad/ mats with images of your choice.

After you make your purchase just send me a image that you would like for your mouse pad and bam after a small wait you'll have your own custom mouse pad. The better quailty the image the better the quailty the picture on the mouse pad.

Smallest Mouse Pad size starts at 60 cm x 30 cm or rounded up 24 in x 12 in

All deminsions will be posted in metric for global appeal

Quick Conversion

1 cm = 0.39 in

10 cm = 3.93 in

30 cm = 7.87 in

60 cm = 23.62 in

90 cm = 35.43 in

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Price 20 USD
Condition New
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