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Delta FFB1212EH-F00 120mm Case Fan

Delta FFB1212EH-F00 120mm Case Cooler

 120mm High-CFM case fan

 > 120mm (120mm x 120mm x 25mm)

 > 4000 RPM

 > Dual Ball

 > 56.4 dBA

The Delta FFB1212EH-F00 is a high speed, high air flow cooling fan at 120 x 120 x 25mm. There is 190 CFM of air flow on tap when you need it, or 5.38 cubic meter per minute. A very important feature is directional fin design which forces air to flow exactly where it's needed and achieve minimum noise under high airflow and strong air pressure. Life expectance is 70,000 hours (or almost 16 years if you operate the fan 12 hours a day) at 40 Degree C with 15 - 65% RH, all thanks for industrial grade materials plus top notched, high quality dual ball bearing.

This fan has 3 wires lead with fan speed sensor output and a standard 3 pin fan connector, and wire lead is approximately 13 inches long.

Fans have been plugged in once to ensure they work. Otherwise they are unused. 

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