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Concurrency, Security, and Puzzles - Essays Dedicated to Andrew William Roscoe on the Occasion of His 60th Birthday

Thomas Gibson-Robinson, Philippa Hopcroft, Ranko Lazi (Hrsg.)

Concurrency, Security, and  Puzzles

Essays Dedicated to Andrew William Roscoe on the Occasion of His 60th Birthday

This festschrift was written in honor of Andrew William (Bill) Roscoe on the occasion of his  60th birthday, and features tributes by Sir Tony Hoare, Stephen Brookes, and Michael  Wooldridge. Bill Roscoe is an international authority in process algebra, and has been the  driving force behind the development of the FDR refinement checker for CSP. He is also world  renowned for his pioneering work in analyzing security protocols, modeling information flow,  human-interactive security, and much more. Many of these areas are reflected in the 15 invited  research articles in this festschrift, and in the presentations at the "BILL-60" symposium held in  Oxford, UK, on January 9 and 10, 2017.

  • Stealthy Protocols: Metrics and Open Problems

    Chen, Olga (et al.)

    Seiten 1-17

  • A Specification Theory of Real-Time Processes

    Chilton, Chris (et al.)

  • Seiten 18-38

  • Towards Verification of Cyber-Physical Systems with UTP and Isabelle/HOL

    Foster, Simon (et al.)

    Seiten 39-64

  • FDR: From Theory to Industrial Application

    Gibson-Robinson, Thomas (et al.)

    Seiten 65-87

  • Information Flow, Distributed Systems, and Refinement, by Example

    Guttman, Joshua D.

    Seiten 88-103

  • Abstractions for Transition Systems with Applications to Stubborn Sets

    Hansen, Henri

    Seiten 104-123

  • A Hybrid Relational Modelling Language

    Jifeng, He (et al.)

    Seiten 124-143

  • What Makes Petri Nets Harder to Verify: Stack or Data?

    Lazić, Ranko (et al.)

    Seiten 144-161

  • Analysing Lock-Free Linearizable Datatypes Using CSP

    Lowe, Gavin

    Seiten 162-184

  • Discrete Random Variables Over Domains, Revisited

    Mislove, Michael

    Seiten 185-202

  • A Demonic Lattice of Information

    Morgan, Carroll

    Seiten 203-222

  • A Brief History of Security Protocols

    Ryan, Peter Y. A.

    Seiten 223-245

  • More Stubborn Set Methods for Process Algebras

    Valmari, Antti

    Seiten 246-271

  • A Branching Time Model of CSP

    Glabbeek, Rob

    Seiten 272-293

  • Virtualization Based Development

    Yantchev, Jay (et al.)

    Seiten 294-318

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