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Montana Mining Album - 1905, RARE 4x5 Antique Photos of Butte Montana Mining Area

Very RARE original, antique album of photos of early mining in Montana.  I'm listing this in Bitcoin Prices just to get my wallet started.  I'll accept reasonable offers.  Shipping is included at full price.  Lower prices you can pay me actual cost of postage.  Send me a message about details.  

Montana Mining Album - 1905

12 photos

3 3/4 X 5 paper

3 3/4 X 4 1/2 negative size

“Complments of W. S. Barclay” inside front cover

“Mrs. R. C. Gracey

Butte Mont.

Feb. 5, 1905” written in ink inside front cover

Small loose paper titles inserted in some of the pockets holding the photos.   

Pavillion, —Columbia Gardens.

East Colusa Mine.

West Colusa Mone.

Pensylvania Mine.

Cor. Main and Park Sts.

View B. A. & P. R. R.

Burleigh Drill at work.

Repairing the level.

Copper Tanks & Penn. Mine.

The name of W. S. Barclay appears in Google searches as author of papers on mining. 

A current business has the name of R. C. Gracey


West Colusa Mine is mentioned in Montana Memory Project:


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