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Kogin embroidery drawstring bag / pouch: 'kogin-sashi coin bag'

This stitch is called ' Kogin-sashi ', originated more than 200 years ago in a region called Tsugaru (Aomori prefecture, northern Japan).

"Farmers in this cold area developed the technique of dense stitching out of necessity to make their hemp garments more durable and warmer. It has been carried on through the generations and has become a craft pursuit."

These bags were designed to contain little items like jewelries or coins/cash, the body of bag is relatively thicker, and the stitches provide extra protection. Thiner cotton was applied to the drawstring part to make them easier to close. Just put anything you like, or it can be a great container for a special gift!

About 15 * 15cm (6 * 6 inch) 

Also see in Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/FANNOballs

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