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78.57 acres of land in Cd. Juarez, Mexico

The bitcoin is perfect way to move money from A to B without leave a trace, but after that you need convert is some liquid asset or other kind of asset can secure your money, the best way is with real state.

For that reason we offer you  78.57 acres of land in Cd. Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico at very good price ($0.1513 USD per Sq Ft) with this oportuity you can protect your profits and your money in one country where the property is totaty protected by the goverment and the law.

Today (January 10, 2018) the Government of South Korea announces that they make a "law project" to forbid all types of cryptocurrencies, this makes the bitcoin lose 9% in the market, for this and many more reasons you need to protect your money, and convert your bitcoins into a legal currency with a very safe investment ... real estate.

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Price 518000 USD
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