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Need help w/ Bitcoin ETH or any Cryptocurrency? Make an offer! XRP NEO or ICO!!!

Trust is essential. P rice   could higher or lower depending on  what  contract  is written below.  Final contract must obey OB policy and US laws.  This is somewhat experimental at this point still, more representing an idea that we can hopefully work out that is fair and compliant with eBay rules (if you want to use the more expensive option where my 100% positive eBay feedback reputation is on the line:  https://www.ebay.com/itm/192506514457 or check out my trust tokens ). 

Thank you to all who view this for being open-minded. If you have feedback msg me!

Contract Here:                                                                                                                           

 (customized to fit your particular need) Above must be filled before this contract (+ transaction) is valid. Feel free to message me!

 I have 2 years of experience in the Crypto-space and want to help other's navigate that space safely; or just get the token / coin you want for you! 

PS: My favorite ALTs: Matrix AI (MAN), Fusion (FSN), Ethos (BQX) & UTRUST (UTK)

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