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VALHALLA Necklace Warrior ODIN PROTECTION Raven Pendant Valknut Viking Amulet

Double sided necklace of  Huginn and Muninn Old Norse  VIKING  

does not include box in 1st pic!!!
Huginn, “Thought” and 
Muninn , “Memory” are two ravens in Norse mythology who are shamanic  helping spirits of the god Odin.  The Eddic  poem  Grímnismál  describes them thus, from the perspective of Odin. Check out my Valknut pendants for info on that symbol too!

Size: 3.0 x 2.5 cm
Color:  Old Silver 
Cord / Chain Length:  Adjustable cord
Material:  metal

*Does NOT include the Box as you see in the one picture.*

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