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WILLIAM GIBSONS NEUROMANCER The Graphic Novel VOL 1 By Bruce Jensen - Near Mint

Now this is one of my personal favorites, just because I loved the book so much. If this isn't bought I may get it graded and hung on the wall ;-)

Product Details

Product Identifiers
ISBN-10 0871355744
ISBN-13 9780871355744

Key Details
Author Bruce Jensen, Tom De Haven
Number Of Pages 48 pages
Series The Graphic Novel
Format Hardcover
Publication Date 1989-08-01
Language English
Publisher Marvel Worldwide, Incorporated
Publication Year 1989

Target Audience
Group Trade

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Tags graphic-novel, comic, neuromancer, william-gibson, modern, cyber-punk, based-on-book, techno
Categories Comic, Graphic Novel
Price 85 USD
Condition New
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